About Me

Jeanette Simson 

I first became interested in feet as 'roots to the earth' when practising Thai Chi. I studied Reflexology at the Centro Maya, Valencia whilst living in Spain and was awarded a Diploma in Reflexologia Podal in 2001.

On returning to the UK, I studied with the Bayly School of Reflexology, the teaching arm of the British Reflexology Association at the University of Westminster, London. I was awarded a reflexology practitioner diploma in May 2004.

I am a member of the British Reflexology Association and the Association of Reflexologists.

I am passionate about the use of reflexology to promote relaxation, health and wellbeing. Clients have reported benefits for stress relief, insomnia, PMS, fertility issues, menopausal symptoms and relaxation in end of life care.

I have treated both adults and children and have an interest in using reflexology in the promotion of positive mental health for all, including children and young adults.